Packing Tips from the Pros

Packing Tips from the Pros

Ready to relocate? Here are some helpful tips to make the packing process less stressful:

1. Valuables – Don’t box up everything for movers. Valuable and irreplaceable items such as important papers, legal paperwork, family heirlooms, and documents such as wills or passports should be personally transported and stay with you. Don’t put them in a box on the truck.

2. Moving Boxes – Use boxes designed for moving. While it may be enticing to get free boxes from grocery stores or use old merchandise packaging, but they may not hold the weight you pack. Additionally, the wide variety in sizes may make it difficult to properly pack the moving truck.

3. Don’t wait! Procrastination will only lead to disorganization, lost items, and unnecessary anxiety or stress. Start early- a few weeks prior to the move, if possible. Pace yourself and set a timeline you can follow.

4. Take it Room-by-Room. Focusing on just one room at a time will not only prevent you from feeling overwhelmed but also keep items organized. Don’t mix and match items from multiple rooms. Keep each area packed together and labeled. You’ll thank yourself when you unpack!

5. Identify Your Knick-Knacks. To prevent small items from being thrown out with packing material, wrap them in brightly-colored tissue paper.

6. Label Everything. While you might think you’ll recognize specific boxes while unpacking, it is highly unlikely once everything is piled together. Purchase inexpensive moving-specific labels (that already have each room printed on them) or use a thick, dark marker to clearly identify room, general contents, and if a box is fragile. Also label electronics boxes so they are no left in extreme temperatures.